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About Vichaara

Vichaara in Sanskrit language means academic activities deeply engaged in systematic studies and researches on socio-political and economic topics. It also means reflective thinking and self enquiry.

Objectives of Vichaara

  • To be a vehicle of academic research, documentation and dissemination of management innovation and practice.
  • To maintain the quality of publication by means of achieving high Impact Factor and securing a coveted place in the Social Science Index Citation and online databases.

VICHAARA An International Journal of Management, ISSN online version (ISSN NO: 2347 4726) and ISSN print version (ISSN No: 2347 4076)is a bi-annual double blind and peer-reviewed journal promoted by Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies. Vichaara is a medium for academicians to share the current developments and perspectives on research stratagem, business/ management diplomacy and paradigms of Business, Management and allied Social Sciences. The journal invites robust papers that contribute to the area of research in business management and related disciplines. Every issue of the journal carries the following features:

Business Research

This section is designed to be quantitative, empirical in nature and can include the summary or findings of completed research or work in progress.

Contemporary Management Thoughts

Articles based on current issues and contemporary trends in business and management will be included in this section.

Case Studies

Business and management practices in diverse, institution – context specific cases will find place in this section.

Book Reviews

Reviews on books pertaining to contemporary management thoughts, general and professional practices are incorporated in this segment.

Management Practices

The best management practices are to be included under this section

  • The interviews of CEOs / Young Entrepreneurs,
  • Success stories of High Performance Enterprises,
  • Analogies, etc

Revisiting Native Wisdom

To disseminate Indian Ethos and Values in management learning and business practices and evaluate the same as success ingredients in management.