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The third issue of VICHAARA AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT has crossed one more milestone in the intellectual expedition.

Research and publication are the inseparable academic twins. The current issue incorporates the balanced combination of research papers and articles. The ‘Business Research’ section focuses on two scholarly research papers. They are:

  • Segment Information Disclosure Practices of Select Indian Listed Companies which analyzes the consequent increase in competition that has made the segment information disclosure a key factor for the companies attempting to improve their market and profit positions and further to improve the quality in presentation of the financial reports.
  • A Study on HR Policies and Practices in Knitting and Woven Garments analyzes the main objective of various HR policies to increase efficiency by increasing motivation and thus fulfill organizational goals and objectives.

Both these studies are based on sound empirical content in terms of design, analysis and synthesis.

The concept paper on ‘Lessons for Manager in Bhagavad Gita’ is a scholarly attempt to rediscover the teachings of Gita in the domain of Management.

The case analysis : ‘Flexibility at Work Place- Real or Mirage. Best HR Practices in Engineering Industries in Coimbatore – A Case Study of a Model Enterprise’ examines the applicability of HR practices undertaken in a specific Enterprise and the best practices prevailing therein were documented and synthesized.

A review of the book: ‘Time Management - Increase Your Personal Productivity and Effectiveness’ is a focused attempt to grasp the nuances of time management.

‘A Genius in the Making – Success Story of the “Napkin Man” Muruganantham’ appears in the Management Practice section which brings to the fore, the triumph story of a rare kind of innovator and social entrepreneur, whose innovation is driven by social concern and compassion towards alleviating the silent sufferings of womenfolk for ages.

Revisiting Native Wisdom column of the journal takes pride in incorporating the ideas of the spiritual giant in the article: ‘Swami Vivekananda - A Role Model of Servant Leadership’ and the best propositions given by him for managers to possess an unblemished character and to evolve as a servant leader.

We thank the contributors who propped up their intellectual articles and papers to the right platform VICHAARA. We do hope that the current issue contributes in its own little way to the enrichment of knowledge and enhancement of the understanding of management concepts. Suggestions and views from readers and scholars are solicited for the qualitative improvement of the journal.