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Past Issue V

Volume:3 October 2016 Number:1
Business Research Political Branding – Trust In The Era Of Mistrust
Dr.Garima Malik, Asst. Professor, Amity Business School, Noida.
A Study on Performance Management System among Two Multi-National Companies from Different Industries.
Duraiarasi Balasundaram, Coordinator, Little Mountain (Green Valley Trust), Coimbatore
A Study on Occupational Stress Level of Employees with Special Reference to Coimbatore District.
Dr.R.Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam University.
Mrs. P.Kowsalya, Assistant Professor, VIMS, Coimbatore
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Contemporary Management Thoughts Designing Performance Management Systems (PMS) In Health Care Institutions Dr.R.Chandrasekhar, Dean-Management Studies, Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil, TN
Dr.S.Uma maheswari, Associate professor, VIMS, Coimbatore, TN
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Case Studies Go Green: Issues And Challenges - A Case Study On Banking Industry
Dr. A.Valarmathi, Director, VIMS, Coimbatore
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Book Reviews Management Wisdom In Tamil Ethical Literature
(Authors: Dr.V.Kulandaiswamy and Dr. Rupa Gunaseelan)

Mr N.Sundarapandiyan, Associate Professor, VIMS, Coimbatore.
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Management Practices Wellness As A Way Of Business: Using Technology To Create India's Most Successful Diagnostics Business
- A Success Story of Dr. A. Velumani, CEO, Thyrocare
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Revisiting Native Wisdom Ten Manifestations
Dr.V.Kulandaiswamy, Secretary and Correspondent, VIMS, Coimbatore
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